Welcome, Actors & Directors.

Welcome to the Word of the Actor (Singapore) space.

This group of Actors & Directors meet once a week, to work on scenes geared specifically toward screen acting – i.e. film & television. We only accept Actors & Directors with credited experience, so if you are interested in joining our weekly sessions, please write to word.singapore@gmail.com & include your complete resume, for both actors & directors.

This community was started a little more than one year ago, and many of the Word actors have grown through the experience & are busy in the Singapore & Los Angeles industry at the moment. We are passionate about working on the acting craft & hope to include more actors who are passionate about acting as well.

Directors who’ve worked with Word of the Actor have commented that they appreciate the opportunity to work with Actors outside of the working environment. Through scene work, directors get the chance to push performance & produce organic performances from the actors, through the notes & adjustments they give the actors.

Word of the Actor is seeking more Directors & Actors who are interested in joining our community. So, if you are up for the challenge, please write to Laura at word.singapore@gmail.com today! We look forward to your participation.


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