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Hi Actors & Directors,

We are happy to announce that Word of the Actor is back in session, starting from 24 July (Wed)!
It’s the GYM for directors and actors!

The (New) WORD format:

1. COLD READING – Audition Preparation (Every 2nd Wednesday of the month)
2. SCENEWORK – Performance Preparation (Every 4th Wednesday of the month)

Details link.

Between 6 – 8 actors will be able to participate in each Word session; the small group ensures there is sufficient time to push performance and establish the makings of character in each scene.

For Actors:
These sessions are suitable for Actors with Short Film, Theatre, Television Experience. We are not an Acting 101 workshop, but we focus on Performance & Character, Motivations & Intentions, and developing the Back Story.

For Directors:
We invite Film Directors with credits to conduct these sessions with us. This is an opportunity to work with Actors who are ready to take direction, to understand the Actor’s psyche & how Actors work through scenes.

Location (for the next few sessions): 102 Joo Chiat Road, #02-01, Singapore 427396

Time: 7.30pm – 10.30pm

Fees: Actors contribute S$15 for use of venue ; Directors – optional.

To be on WORD mailing list: Just reply to you want to be mailing list.

More info:

Register online: Click this LINK to fill up your details.


Past directors on board include Anthony Chen, Kelvin Sng and Lim Kay Siu.
The next sessions are Wednesdays – 24 Jul, 14 Aug, 28 Aug.
Hope to see you at our sessions soon and please do help spread the WORD!

Laura Kee

Word of the Actor