Wicked, blinding, super! Meet seasoned Directors and
get to ‘jam’ with other actors on a weekly basis –
a great opportunity for actors of all levels to hone their skills between gigs.
– Simon Wong, TV/Stage Actor & Voiceover Artist (Singapore)

Enjoyed my session at Word. It’s a very nice way to
work with other actors and directors in a non-commercial setting,
which allows you to take risks with character choices.
Thanks so much guys, for having me over.
Victor Lin, TV Actor (Singapore)

Word gives us the opportunity to constantly hone our skills, outside of the
production set environment. Training is important, as we
need to keep improving in our craft. And Word gives me a space to keep
working. Not to mention, the fantastic contacts and friends I’ve made!
– Laura Kee, TV/Stage Actor & Presenter (Singapore)

Word of the Actor has been a platform of feedback to
hone one’s skill in performance. With the collaborative work of the actor
and the director, I have been able to improve and explore my stage craft and presence
and it has helped me incredibly in my ability on stage. Word has been an event that
I look forward towards participating at every chance I can and
I look forward to the future sessions with Word!
– Megah Laksana, Actor (Singapore)

Word gave me a chance to practise my acting skills regularly,
and it’s a great platform for networking!
Jacklyn Kuah, Stage Actor (Singapore)