“The tools we have must remain sharp and should be perpetually active and never remain dormant. This group is set up to ensure the muscle of communication between actor and director remains open and fluid. A pivotal exercise, for the artiste.” – Faye Kingslee


WORD of the Actor was founded in Singapore in March 2009, by Faye Kingslee, an actress currently based in Los Angeles. From end-2009 till mid-2011,  Laura Kee, and subsequently Tushar Ismail, both local actors, took ownership of the group. Currently, Laura & Sharon Ng are coordinating Word of the Actor sessions on a volunteer basis.

WORD is a ‘gym’ where actors constantly work, no matter what. Actors who attend WORD sessions not only work on stretching those acting muscles, but also form a network to encourage & motivate one another to keep working. WORD of the Actor is a group set up for Actors & Directors to work on scenes, geared specifically towards screen acting.


1 June 2014 Update


Quick update from WORD of The Actor!

(1) WORD is partnering with Haque Centre of Acting & Creativity (HCAC) for future WORD / scene work sessions at 22 Dickson Road. Location is near Bugis/Little India/Sim Lim Square.

(2) ‘WORD of The Actor’ is renamed as ‘The Actor’s Gym‘ a.k.a. TAG.

(3) TAG sessions will open only three times a year in 8-week semesters. Usually we avoid beginning and end of the year.

(4) Each 8-week semester will have 2-4 directors on board.

(5) Each session is 2-hours, on Sat 4.30pm – 6.30pm or 7pm to 9pm.

(6) For now, each session will only have 1 Director : 2 actors  (instead of 4 or 6 actors in the past)

Theatre/Flim/TV Singapore / Non-Singapore Directors who are keen to conduct scenework sessions are welcome. Directors allocate scripts lasting about 2-3 mins, which can be your own if you do write. Sessions are conducted only in English at this point.

Express your interest with your available Saturdays/timings. Some allowance will be given to selected directors.

(a) You are welcome to participate in TAG anytime, just bookmark this website to find out the latest TAG schedule/rates and book the slots via email. Minimum of 4 slots. Each slot of 2-hour. http://workshop.methodactingasia.com/

(9) TAG Standby Actors (TSA)
We are forming a TSA’ whereby you might be “on call” WHEN we have actors who cannot attend certain sessions last minute even though they have signed up and paid. You will be informed as an option to join the TAG session at low or $0 rates. It would be best if you are usually flexible on Saturdays 4pm to 9pm. Write to us to be included in this “TSA” list.

Write to us with some of your info. TAG is appropriate only for actors who have acting experiences. If you have not, we will require you to attend some workshops at HCAC prior to TAG. View other HCAC workshops via this link – http://workshop.methodactingasia.com/

If you have recently written a (short/feature) script and would like to see the actual interpretation by the actors/directors, you are welcome to send us. We will put into a library drive for directors to choose for TAG if they find it appropriate.You will be informed/invited if your work is selected for TAG and you can come and see the work being worked on.

There will be a mini showcase on the 8th week after each semester with snacks provided. No entry charge. All welcome to attend.

It’s a good place to meet new people and explore possibilities. Upcoming showcase dates are on Sundays –  2.30pm to 5.30pm.

– 22 June 2014
– 17 August 2014
– 12 October 2014

Limited Seats. RSVP your name, email, contact to us with the subject “TAG WIP RSVP – Date”.

You may email us the following for your enquiries or to be added to mailing list.
word.singapore@gmail.com and admin@hcac.sg

Thank you very much and see you around!